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Reiki healing session for dog who is in pain, nervous, afraid to be touched, or just needs to be restored to optimum health on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

REIKI is an ancient healing art that assists the body in restoring balance on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Working with the life-force energy (prana or chi) that surrounds and sustains all forms of life, Reiki supports optimum development, fulfillment, and the highest healing good. By gently placing hands on the animal, the Reiki practitioner does not do something to the receiver, but rather acts as a transmitter through which the animal may draw in healing energy. Change or healing often happens in unexpected ways.

Reiki is commonly used by doctors, nurses, and therapists in hospital settings as a powerful adjunct to conventional therapies. Blending Reiki into a TTouch or a cat or dog training session is especially comforting to animals that are nervous or in pain.

Also, animals too afraid to be touched initially have responded nicely to Reiki.

Private Reiki sessions for your companion animal may be scheduled at any time throughout the year in Western Mass.

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When Mike was very ill and declining rapidly from his cancer, I brought him to you for Reiki. During each session I saw him relax deeply and that carried over to our time together at home. Being able to offer him this gentle and caring touch brought comfort to both of us in this difficult time.

-WM., Lenox, MA

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