Group Classes

When your dog is rewarded for his successful efforts rather than punished for his mistakes, learning is a quick and enjoyable process for both of you.

All Foranimals classes are structured for real life skill building and emphasize relationship/reward based training techniques including clicker or marker training. Leea loves to train new groups of students and welcomes families to participate in the fun of learning with your dog.

All Classes Include:

  • Step-by-step training instructions and a take-home manual
  • Learning how to understand and communicate clearly with your dog
  • Understanding how to effectively change unwanted behavior without force or harsh punishment
  • A full hour of instruction and working time
  • Ample time before and after each class for questions and socialization (temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 regulations)

You will graduate from any class knowing you have made good progress, have been supported in achieving your goals, and have a practical understanding of how to continue the training process at home.

Check the calendar for next available class dates and location information.

Please Note: Dogs with reactivity or aggression issues towards people or dogs are not suitable to attend group classes. Please refer to Behavioral Modification or Private Training instead.

Puppy Kindergarten

Ages 8-15 weeks • 4 classes (each class is 1 hour in length) • $110

Start Out on the Right Paw with Your New Puppy

  • Learn gentle and effective techniques for addressing: house training, biting, jumping, barking, chewing, crating
  • Socialization, play skills, handling and grooming, understanding canine body language
  • Puppy Manners: Trade, Gotya, Come, Sit, Down, Leave it, Starting on the leash

Beginners Skills & Manners

Ages 4 months and up • 6 classes (each class is 1 hour in length) • $165

Build a Strong Foundation—Skills and Good Manners for Daily Life

  • Step-by-step instruction in positive reinforcement/marker training methods
  • Skill Building: Touch, Sit, Down, Watch, Come, Stay, Connected Leash Walking, and Place
  • How to change unwanted behavior without force or fear
  • Building trust and good communication by understanding how your dog thinks and why they do what they do
  • Learning to be a patient and wise guardian for your dog

Skills & Manners 2

Ages 6 months and up • 6 classes (each class is 1 hour in length) • $165
(Prerequisite: Beginners Skills & Manners or equivalent)

Focus When You Need It—Distraction Training for a Calm & Well Behaved Companion

  • Continuation of skill building from Beginners Skills & Manners with emphasis on distractions and impulse control
  • New/more challenging skills: Leave it, Wait, Emergency/Distance Downs, Relax
  • At home projects to strengthen Polite Greetings to people and dogs


Greetings: Ages 6 months and up • 3 classes (each class is 1 hour & 15 minutes in length) • $110
(Prerequisite: Beginners Skills & Manners or equivalent)

Greet the World with a Well Mannered Dog

Learn polite and safe behavior techniques for greeting people or dogs at your front door, in your yard, in the car, on a walk, at the park, on and off leash. Turn the barking, lunging, jumping bad habits into calm, focused and controlled behavior. We touch upon these greeting situations in several different classes, but this is a chance to give full attention to these must-have skills for daily social interactions.

Happy Trails Outdoor Training

Ages 6 months and up • 3 classes (each class is 1 hour & 15 minutes in length) • $110
(Prerequisite: Skills & Manners 2 or equivalent)

Bring Classroom Skills into Real Life Settings

Each class meets in a different location: in town, at a shopping mall, in fields and walking trails. Skills appropriate to each location, such as heeling, polite greetings, strong recalls and stays, are emphasized. Gain confidence and skill so taking your dog new places is fun and safe.

Tricks Training

Ages 6 months and up • 4 classes (each class is 1 hour & 15 minutes in length) • $135
(Prerequisite: Beginners Skills & Manners or equivalent)

Learn the step-by-step method of teaching tricks, from planning to full execution. Tricks include: crawl, bow, spin, sit pretty, roll over, weave, hoop work, and much more.

Canine Good Citizen Classes & Tests

CGC: Ages 6 months and up • 3 classes (each class is 1 hour & 15 minutes in length) • $110
Your CGC test will be scheduled after you complete your classes • $20
(Prerequisite: Skills & Manners 2 or equivalent)

The Canine Good Citizen program is an opportunity for you to have your dog evaluated in ten areas that represent a well mannered dog that will be a welcome and respected member of the community. The classes prepare you for the test which is administered after completion. A required first step for Therapy Dog training (see below).

Therapy Dog Training Program

Ages 1 year and up • Classes and testing will resume when COVID-19 issues are resolved.
(Prerequisite: Skills & Manners 2 or equivalent and AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification)

The Therapy Dog Training Program will prepare you and your dog to become a well qualified team for volunteer visits to area nursing homes, residential facilities, schools, etc. Classes will cover all team skills required to pass your onsite tests. Additionally you will receive guidance in handling communications with staff and residents, stress awareness and reduction tools, and everything you need to plan a well organized first visit. Those who successsfully pass their tests will be registered through the K9 to 5 National Therapy Dog Registry.


To register, contact Leea for date availability, then download a registration form for any of the above classes.

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